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SIS 2000+ Food Services  
General Reporting Procedures 
Last update: 1/21/2001 jmm


Report Button

1. Open Reports Menu
Reports are accessed from within the SIS 2000+ Food Services program module by launching the Reports icon button. This action opens the Food Service Reports Menu, displaying a list of Food Service report groups (Fig. 1).

Fig. 1 - Food Service Reports menu

2. Select a report group
Highlight a report group from the list and click on the Select command button to proceed. In the Food Services module several reports are grouped under one title. By selecting the group title the view will proceed to another menu from which to chose individual reports. All reports may be printed for the district (if a district-wide database is in use), or for an individual school.

Two printing procedures are used in Food Services -- procedures for printing Food Service Reports, and procedures for printing Food Services Letters & Labels documents. Sections 2 through 5 address data reporting. Section 6 explains how to print Food Service Account Statements, Form Letters, Mailing Labels, Barcodes and Meal Cards.

Food Service Report groups and reports

Daily Detail Reports -

Daily Summary Reports -

Monthly Summary Reports -

Account Status Reports -

Account Balance Reports -

Meal Rates Reports -

Items Reports -

Food Service Letters & Labels -

Regional Reports -

Planned Food Service Reports -

3. Select a report
Highlight a report from the list, then edit the default criteria specific to that report (if desired). Each report group has its own unique criteria selection screen. Here you can define report parameters by selecting check boxes, modifying data selection criteria from drop down list boxes, or altering default report dates. The Report Group Letters & Labels contains both the Document Editor where statements, form letters, mailing labels, meal cards and bar codes may be created and edited (see Sec. 13, Letters & Labels), and print criteria for individual, batch, and mass printing runs.

Fig. 2 - Daily Detail Reports menu

4. Accept or edit Food Service Report criteria defaults
Select or de-select report criteria by placing or removing a checkmark in the checkboxes. Select a specific Cash Drawer by clicking on the drop down list to display all cash drawers, then click on the drawer. To produce a report for a date other than Today's Date, click on the Date menu pad at the top of the screen to display the calendar and select a different date.

To see an illustration and explanation of the criteria selection screen for a specific report, refer to the documentation found in the Reports Table of Contents.

5. Print, Display, or Export a report
All Food Service report criteria screens display the following command buttons at the bottom of the screen:

6. How to Print Letters & Labels documents
Letters & Labels documents include account statements, form letters, meal cards, mailing labels and bar codes. Food Service Letters & Labels reports use a different set of criteria to produce documents. First identify "Who" you are printing documents for, then select "Which" document to print. Standard Print/Display procedures then apply.

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