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SIS 2000+ Daily Detail Reports
Daily ala Carte by Drawer
Last update: 1/21/2001 jmm


Report buttonThis food services report provides a list of purchased Lunch or Breakfast ala Carte items for Today's Date. The report date may be changed to produce a report for any date. Ala Carte sales are grouped by Cash Drawer, with sales totals per drawer followed by a total for ala Carte sales this meal.

This report may be further defined by including or excluding specific consumer types. If a district-wide database is being used, itemized District totals for ala Carte sales may be reported in addition to sales by school. The Ala Carte Detail by Drawer Report provides itemized ala Carte service categorized by the cash drawers used to record transactions. Each transaction lists the purchaser, the item, the cost of the item and (for cash transactions) the number of items. Transactions are summarized per drawer, and report totals are given for quantity and dollar value of sales.

1. Open the report
From the Food Services Menu, click on the Reports icon button. Select the report group Daily Detail Reports from the list menu that appears. See Food Services General Reporting Procedures for more information.

Fig. 1 - Daily Detail Reports, ala Carte Detail by Drawer, default Options

2. Define Parameters
All items that appear in the opening criteria screen's selection lists (Fig. 1) will be included in the report by default. Selection criteria are included in the report heading.

3. Print, Display, or Export report data.
See "General Food Services Reporting Procedures" for further details on these procedures.

4. Exit report
Click on the Quit button to exit the report screen at any time.

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