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SIS 2000+ Launching Modules & Time Out

Last update: 10/30/2002 jmm

Launching Modules

Modules are groups of related programs (applications) within SIS 2000+. Click on an icon button (Fig. 1) to launch a module or press the Alt key plus the underlined shortcut letter of the icon button to execute. Most module icons, but not all, will open up a another menu with more icon buttons for launching individual programs.

Fig. 1

Two sessions of the same application may be run simultaneously on the same computer. If an application is already running and is opened a second time, the following alert appears (Fig. 2):

Fig. 2 

Select "Yes" to open the second session. Keep in mind that the last entry made and saved in the module (using either session) will be the entry that is recorded. While this capability to run concurrent sessions does exist, it is best to close all unnecessary sessions to increase operating efficiency. The primary intention of this alert is to serve as notice that the application is already open and possibly minimized or concealed behind a larger window.


SIS 2000+ Time Out

The SIS 2000+ System utilizes a "Time Out" security function to help prevent unauthorized access. "Time Out" causes a time out screen to appear (Fig. 3) if SIS 2000+ has not been used for a user-defined period of time. Any use of SIS 2000+, even moving the mouse, resets the Time Out countdown. After verifying the password on the time out screen, the SIS 2000+ will be restored to the same place you were working before the time out. 

Fig. 3


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