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Last update: 10/30/2002 jmm

After a successful login, the SIS 2000+ Main Menu appears (Fig. 1). The name of the school site currently logged on will appear in the title bar. The system date will be displayed on the menu bar.

This documentation file discusses the following menus at the top of the main SIS 2000+ screen:

Fig. 1  

File Menu Commands

Help Menu Commands

Date Menu Commands

Fig. 12

The system date in SIS 2000+ is the assumed virtual date for database purposes. This date is displayed in the menu bar at the top of most SIS 2000+ screens. The date is advanced by the host computer's internal clock. The SIS 2000+ system date is normally set to match the actual date in real time (which normally is equivalent to the date set in the operating system of the host computer.) However, the system date can be changed from within SIS 2000+ for the purpose of manipulating data. Changing the system date in SIS 2000+ does not affect the date set in the operating system of the host computer. Upon selecting this command, the 'Set System Date' calendar will appear with the current SIS 2000+ system date highlighted in yellow (Fig. 13).

To change the date, use the left or right VCR buttons (< and >) to scroll backward or forward through the months (use the double arrows to scroll by year). Click on the target date until it is highlighted in yellow and then click the Select button. The calendar will close automatically and reset the date accordingly.

Fig. 13

  • Restore Today's Date
    To set the SIS 2000+ system date back to the date set in the operating system of the host computer (normally the actual date in real time), click on the Today  button. This action will cause the yellow highlight to jump forward or backward to today's date. Then click the Select button to save that date and close the calendar.

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