Carson Smith Special Needs Scholarship (CSS)

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General Program Overview

Quarter 1 Timelines

Parent/Student Information, Process, and Application

2014-2015 Program Overview for Parents

2013-2014 Program Overview for Parents

2014-2015 Parent Application Instructions

2014-2015 Parent Application

Eligible Private Schools

2013-14 Eligible Schools List, revised 11/6/13

June 26, 2013 Summer Training for Private Schools and applicable School Districts/Charter Schools

Public School/LEA (District and Charter School) Responsibilities

Public School Responsibilities

Assessment Team Meeting Record

Private School Information and application for schools seeking to become CSS eligible

Information for Private Schools seeking to become CSS eligible

2014-2015 Private School Application Instructions

2014-2015 School Application, due date is 3/3/2014 - however, due to the late posting of this application, if additional time is needed, it will be granted if you let us know you are planning to submit an application.