2012 Early Childhood Conference, November 1-2, 2012


Angelina Bendixsen/Allison King

Supporting Children with Autism in a Preschool Classroom

Behavior Strategies

Rachelle Blair

Teaching Young Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder Self-Regulation Skills

Disciplining Young Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Karen Borg/Bess Dennison

The Senses of Pre-Literacy and Pre-Braille

Pre-Writing: Avenues of Expression for the Visual Impaired Child

Early Literacy: Braille and the Young Child

A Parent's Guide to Emergent Literacy

Sources for Print/Braille Books

Matthew Brodhead/Daphne Hartzheim

Promoting Language in Young Learners

Understanding and Managing Challenging Behavior

Yael Calhoun

Green Tree Yoga

Teresa Cardon

Initiations and Interactions - Early Intervention Techniques for Children with ASD

Home vs Center El Visits: Strategies to Encourage Caregiver Participation

Lillian Clark

Childhood Apraxia of Speech

Janene Day/Corrine Bellinger

Getting Started: Strategies for Language Development, Play and Behavior for Children Birth to Three

Helping Your Child Attend and Intend to Communicate

Getting Started with Improving Your Child's Language & Play Skills

Parent Resource handout

Rebecca Donaldson

The Writing is on the Wall! Developing and Celebrating Young Writers

Kindergarten Drawing and Writing Proficiency

Kindergarten Writing Rubic - Assessment

Kindergarten Writing Rubic - Outcomes

Lillian Duran

Home Language and Education Questionnaire for the Family - English - Spanish

The Stages of Second Language Acquisition

Early Childhood Language and Literacy Materials - Teaching Materials and Resources

Tina Dyches

Home-School Collaboration for Positive Behavior Interventions and Support

Crystal Emery

Routines Based Interview

Introduction to Sensory Processing

Aimee Fox

Approaches to Learning and Science, Part I

Approaches to Learning and Science, Part II

Janet Gibbs

The World of Preschool Math

Robyn Giovacchini

An Introduction to Utah's Early Childhood Core Standards Through a Hands-on Approach to Math

Sarah Grant/Louise Dunn

Mealtime Participation and Feeding Strategies for Children with and without Special Needs

Scharman Grimmer

The Sensory Diet: For Children Highly Sensitive Under Sensitive and Everything in Between

Linda Hansen

Teaching Social Skills to Children with Disabilities

Daniel Hodgins

I am a Toddler

Supporting Children Who Color Outside the Lines

What About Those Boys?

Lara-Jill Jennings

The First 300 Signs - Websites and iPhone Apps

American Sign Language Manual Alphabet


Catherine Johnson

Mental Health Issues in Young Children

Jane Kitson

Let's Giggle, Wiggle, Clap and Learn

A Pocketful of Fun

Marty Malheiro

Poisoning Pearls or...One Call May Save an ED Visit

Heather Merkley

Preference Assessments

Sarah Mulligan

Making Every Minute Count: Using DEC's Recommended Practices to Embed Learning Goals in Preschool Routines

Making Every Minute Count: Using DEC's Recommended Practices to Embed Learning Opportunities in Everyday Routines (Infants and Toddlers)

Individual Child Activity Matrix

DEC Recommended Practices: Individual Action Planning Form

Embedded Intervention Practice Guide

Research Summary on Embedded Interventions

Game Plan

Recommended Practices: Improving Practices for Young Children with Special Needs and their Families

Julie Nelson

5 Ways We Can "Play" with Books

Chris Pratt

Feeding Skills Development

Robin Rooney

OSEP Requirements: Reporting Child Outcomes

2010-11 Outcomes for Children Served through IDEA's Early Childhood Programs

Thinking about the Summary Statements

Evidence Inference Action Activity

Lisa Samson-Fang

Caring for Children with Multiple and Complex Disabilities

Tracy Sermon

Teaching Continuum

Ben Springer

Face Check - Coaching Self-Awareness in Early Childhood Settings

Rough Draft - Thinking and Planning Ahead for Your Infant's Social Skill Development

The Nine: Categories of Human Temperament

Carolyn Taylor-Christensen

Utah's Early Learning Guidelines

Introducing Care About Childcare

Expanding Opportunities in Utah - Interagency Efforts

All Means All - Expanding Opportunities for Inclusion, Children Birth to Five

Utah's Expanding Opportunities for Inclusion Successes

All Means All Inclusion Award

All Means All Inclusion Certificate

Irene Thomas

Promoting Social Emotional Competence

Fact About Young Children with Challenging Behaviors

Functional Assessment Interview Form - Young Child

Home Observation Form

Observation Cards

Recommended Practices - Supporting Infants and Toddlers with Challenging Behavior

Settings Samples

Talking with Families about Problem Behavior: Do's and Don'ts

The Teaching Pyramid

Gay Whited

Teaching Students with Severe Multiple Disabilities

Eunice Zee-Chen

Handwriting from the ground up

Teachers are Natural Detectives