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IEP Forms

     To save the form, you need to right-click on the form and "save target to" wherever you want on your computer. Then you can fill it out and save as (with student name and form #).

     If you would like the Word versions of the forms, contact Yuriko Murakami via yuriko[dot]murakami[at]schools [dot] utah [dot] gov(E-mail) with your name and mailing address. You will be sent a CD of the forms.


1. Regular Education Interventions/At Risk Documentation

2. Referral for Evaluation for Special Education Services

3a. Written Prior Notice and Consent for Evaluation / Re-evaluation

3b. Areas and Tests

4. Notice of Meeting

4a. Adult Student

5. Team Summary Reports and Eligibility Determination

a. Autism

b. Speech Language Impairment

c. Deaf/Blindness

d. Developmental Delay

e. Emotional Disturbance

f. Hearing Impairment/Deafness

g. Intellectual Disability

h. Multi-Disabilities

i. Orthopedic Impairment

j. Other Health Impairment

k. Specific Learning Disabilities

l. Traumatic Brain Injury

m. Visual Impairment

6. Individualized Education Plan (IEP)

a1. Services

a2. Services with Peer-Reviewed Research Statement

b. Goals with PLAAFP

c. Goals

d. Signatures and Prior Notice

e. Transition Services Plan (school to post school)

f1. Assessment Addendum

f2. Analysis of Assessments

g. Extended School Year Services

h. Amendment to IEP

i. Agreement for IEP Team Member for not Attending Meeting

7. Placement

a. Written Prior Notice and Consent for Initial Placement in Special Education

b. Written Prior Notice of Change of Placement in Special Education

8. Written Prior Notice of Evaluation/Re-evaluation and Review of Existing Data

9. Written Prior Notice of Refusal to Take an Action

Written Prior Notice of Proposed Changes

10. Individualized Service Plan for Private School Student

11. Note to Parents and Students Regarding Age of Majority Rights

12. Consent for Disclosure of Confidential Information

Release of Records

13. Specific Learning Disability Observation Report

14. Behavior Observation Report

15. Consent Agency Invitation to Transition Planning

Adult Student

16. Manifestation Determination

17. Record of Access

18. Transfer Student Checklist


a. Out-of-State

19. Authorization for Release and Use of Health Information (HIPAA) Form

21. Summary of Academic Achievement and Performance for Exiting Student

24. Access Authorization

25. Record Transfer Log

Other Useful Forms