2012 Utah Institute on Special Education Law

August 6-7, 2012 Handouts


Tab 1 - Julie Weatherly

Year in Review

Everything You Need to Know about Independent Educational Evaluation

Schools and Parents Behaving Badly: Who's Being Unreasonable and Does It Matter?

Tab 2 - Dave Richards

Discipline FAQs

Ins and Outs of Procedural Safeguards

Plenary – 504 vs IDEA

Section 504: What's New

Section 504 Advanced Issues

Tab 3 - Elena Gallegos

Prior Written Notice: Legal Compliance and Practical Pointers

Prior Written Notice (Model Form)

IEPs: Getting Content Right

Legal Issues Involving Students who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing

Tab 4 - Paula Maddox Roalson


Bullying: Legal Issues and Practical Strategies

USOE Model Policy on Bullying and Hazing

Cases and Commentary on Child Find

Legally Defensible Strategies and Placements for Behavior

Educating Preschool Students in the Least Restrictive Environment

Transportation as a Related Issue

Tab 5 - Lenore Knudtson

Transition, ADA, Employment Law

Online Schools, LEAs, Programs and IDEA

ESY – What is it? Who needs it? Who provides it?

Private Placements: Who is Responsible? Parents, Districts, or the State?

Elements of Legally Defensible Transition Planning

Tab 6 - Phyllis Mondak

The Numbers Always Tell the Truth? OR DO THEY? Preschool/Early Childhood Outcomes Data Use for Local, State, and Federal Purposes

Tab 7 - David Hodgins

IDEA Boot Camp

Discipline of Students with Disabilities: The Key Rules and Regulations from Removals to MDR

LRE and Placement Under the IDEA

Effective IEP Meeting Documentation

Making Your Point: Communicating Important Special Ed Legal Concerns to Principals presentation

Making Your Point document

Tab 8 - Kathy Whaley

Early Childhood Transition Requirements and the new Part regulations: What is the same? What is Different?

Recommended and Evidenced Based Practice to Support Transition to Inclusive Settings

Self-Assessment for an Early Childhood Transition Infrastructure

Tab 9 - Joanne Cashman

Accessing the Common Core to Achieve FAPE

Tab 10 - Leah Voorhies, Ellie Young

The Woodcock Johnson and Beyond: Evaluation and Eligibility Issues

Tab 11 - Susan Loving, Jocelyn Taylor

Providing Related Services – When? Why? Who? How?

Tab 12 - Tiffanie Owens, Heidi Bauerle

Compliance Monitoring Mythbusters

Tab 13 - Kathy Briggs, Amber Rees

School Nurses

2010 Yardstick

2010 The Case for School Nurses

Tab 14 - UPDC Staff

Tab 15 - Karen Kowalski

A Special Education Primer for Charter Schools: What every new [and experienced] Charter School needs to know about how to avoid special education stumbling blocks (Part One)

Tab 16 - Connie Nink, Amy Peters

Tab 17 - Launi Schmutz, Jane Golightly

Tab 18 - Lisa Arbogast, Leah Voorhies