2010 Utah Institute on Special Education Law

August 2-3, 2010 Handouts

Law Conference Agenda

504 Eligibility

Section 504 Eligibility: Keeping Current with Cases, Trends and the ADAAA

Autism and LRE

Autism and LRE: What the Courts are Saying

Basic IDEA for Charter Schools


Bullying Prevention at School: Effective Policies and Practices

Cases Involving Paras

Legal Issues Surrounding 1:1 Aides for Students

Developing IEPs that Provide FAPE and are Legally Compliants

Legally Compliant IEPs

Developing IEPs that Provide FAPE and are Legally Compliant

Emerging 504 Issues

Everyone Can - Disability Law Center

An Overview of the Everyone Can Program

IDEA, Part B

Fiscal Rules and Grants Management Requirements
August 4, 2010 Presentation by Tiffany Winters

Keynote - What's Happening in D.C.

PowerPoint presentation by Nancy Reder

"Cheat Sheet" on ARRA

Principles for the Reauthorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA)

Keynote - Year in Review

Knowing When to Negotiate or Stand Your Ground

LRE - More than Location

LRE: It's Not Just Attending Class with Nondisabled Peers

Manifestation Determinations, Suspension/Expulsion


Preschool and FAPE: A Legal Perspective

Role of School Nurses

Nurses in Schools

Seclusion and Restraint

Restraints, Seclusion and Other Aversives: Key Issues and Emerging Legal Trends

Secondary Transition

Transition Services in the IEP: Requirements for Post-Secondary Planning

SLC Eligibility

Determining the Presence of a Specific Learning Disability

Specific Learning Disabilities Eligibility

Teacher Ethics

Social Networking and Texting for Educators

Student-Educator Interactions Behavioral Guidelines 

What Educators Must Know: Ethical Issues for Teachers

Tips to Avoid Disputes

10 Tips to Avoid Disputes

Ten Tips for State Education Agencies and Lead Agencies to Improve Their Mediation Agreement Rate

Transporting Children with Disabilities

Transporting Children with Disabilities

PowerPoint presentation by Dr. Linda Bluth

Evaluation to Justify Provision of Transportation Services

Questions and Answers on Serving Children with Disabilities Eligible for Transportation 

What Educators Need to Know About Autism

What's New at USDB

2010 Legislation and the Utah Schools for the Deaf and the Blind