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Welcome to the Utah State Office of Education Public Resources page.
The state office wants to ensure that the public has an accurate understanding of the new Utah’s Core Standards in English language arts and math and communicate why the core standards are important for our students.

In brief:

  • The standards were developed through a state-led consortium. Content experts, teachers and researchers designed these standards, aligning them with scientific research and international standards from high performing countries.
  • Across the nation, 45 states have adopted these standards; making student mobility less of an issue due to smoother transitions with the standards.
  • The standards describe what Utah’s students should know and be able to do at each grade level from k-12.
  • Standards are not curriculum. Curriculum is content, instructional methods, materials, and resources that are used to teach the standards.
  • Curriculum and how subjects are taught have always been and will continue to be determined by classroom teachers working in partnership with their schools, schools districts, and locally elected school boards.
  • The Utah State Board of Education is in full control of the standards. The State Board may add to, subtract from, or rewrite as deemed necessary to meet the needs of Utah students.
  • The Utah State Office of Education is making every effort to ensure a smooth transition to the new Utah Core Standards. We recognize that any kind of change, even positive change, can be stressful for our students and they will need your support as they take on more demanding curriculum and rigorous assessment.
  • Test data from the past several years has shown that Utah students lag behind their world-wide peers.
  • Republicans and democrats alike support the core. Businesses, politicians, educational organizations, experts and private foundations, all those supporting the core standards, want Utah and the country to have students who can compete for jobs in the global market.


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