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Youth Suicide Prevention

Protective Factors

The following have shown to be protective factors for preventing youth suicide:

  • parental/family support and connectedness
  • good social/coping skills
  • religious/cultural beliefs
  • good relationships with other school youth/best friends
  • reduced access to means
  • support from relevant adults/teachers/professionals
  • help-seeking behavior/advice seeking
  • impulse control
  • adaptive problem solving/conflict resolution abilities
  • social integration/ opportunities to participate
  • positive sense of worth/confidence
  • stable living environment
  • access to and care for mental/physical/substance disorders
  • responsibility for others/pets
  • students perceived connectedness to school
  • Additionally, involvement on sports teams (high school and community teams)
  • is associated with reduced suicide ideation and non-fatal suicide
  • attempts, reduced hopelessness and self-reported