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In the 2013 Utah cohort of 42,688 students:

  • 6,830 students were counted as dropouts
  • 6,830/35 equals 195 classrooms of students

Graduation Report 2013

What are the numbers for your district? For your school? Put a face to those students.

Rick Robbins, the Superintendent of Juab School District, told educators: “putting a face to those students made all the difference in what we did for dropout prevention.” [Feb 6, 2014 Dropout Prevention: Digging Deeper, event sponsored by USOE, the National Dropout Prevention Center – Students with Disabilities, and Regional Education Laboratory West (RELWest) at WestEd].

The Juab High School class of 2013 has a cohort graduation rate of 93%, an increase from the 2011 cohort rate of 84%. The entire Juab High School staff and faculty implemented multiple strategies to achieve this result.

The Institute for Education Sciences (IES) Practice Guide for Dropout Prevention states:

. . . The greatest success in reducing dropout rates will be achieved where multiple approaches are adopted as part of a comprehensive strategy to increase student engagement. Although some of these strategies may have the capacity to improve graduation rates at the margin when implemented individually, the panel [those who wrote the IES Practice Guide for Dropout Prevention] strongly recommends a strategic approach that integrates multiple recommendations and has the potential to make a bigger difference.