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Dropout Prevention

National Resources

Big IDEAs: Dropout Prevention Strategies Newsletter
A quarterly newsletter, which addresses current issues in dropout prevention and school completion. It features evidence-based dropout-prevention and recovery programs from around the nation as well as information about past and upcoming NDPC-SD events.

The National Dropout Prevention Center for Students with Disabilities
Resources and evidence based strategies for use with all students.
Sponsored by the Graduation Alliance
Ideas, experiences and inspiration to end the epidemic.

Graduation Alliance
If you’re a school leader who wants to give more students a pathway to graduation, call
(855) 486-8855 or Partners[at]GraduationAlliance [dot] com(E-mail).

2015 Articles

GradNation America's Promise Alliance
Don't Quit on Me: What Young People Who Left School Say About the Power of Relationships

Institute of Education Sciences, National Center for Education and Regional Assistance
A Practitioner’s Guide to Implementing Early Warning Systems

RennieCenter Education and Research Policy
Youth Transitions Task Force: A Ten-Year Retrospective
Youth Transitions Task Force at Ten: A Decade of Progress

2014 Articles

What's Happening
School Mobility, Dropout, and Graduation Rates across Student Disability Categories in Utah

Teaching Adolescents to Become Learners:
The Role of Non-cognitive Factors in Shaping School Performance, a Critical Literature Review.