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Bullying Prevention

Role of the School Employee

It is important that all school personnel be trained on bullying prevention and intervention. First, and foremost, all adults in a school need to recognize the bullying is not normal behavior, not just a rite of passage. Bullying and relational aggression can cause serious, long-term and even life-threatening consequences.

In addition, USBE rule R277-613 outlines very specific expectations for school personnel:

R277-613-5. Training by School Districts and Charter Schools Specific to Participants in Public School Athletic Programs and School Clubs.

A. Prior to any student or employee or volunteer coach participating in a public school sponsored athletic program, both curricular and extracurricular, or extracurricular club or activity, a student or coach shall participate in bullying and hazing prevention training.
B. School districts and charter schools may collaborate with the Utah High School Activities Association to develop and provide training.
C. Student athletes and extracurricular club members shall be informed of prohibited activities under this rule and notified of potential consequences for violation of the law or the rule or both.
D. School districts and charter schools that offer athletics shall provide annual training to all new students and new employees and require refresher training for all students and employees at least once every three years.
E. Training curriculum outlines, training schedules, and participant lists or signatures shall be maintained by each school or school district and provided to the Utah State Office of Education upon request.

R277-613-6. Professional Responsibilities of Employee and Volunteer Coaches.

A. All public school coaches shall act consistent with professional standards of R277-515 in all responsibilities and activities of their assignments.
B. Failure to act consistently with R277-515 toward students, colleagues and parents may result in discipline against an educator's license or termination of volunteer services.