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NCLB Contact Information

Title I, Part A

Title I

  Kreig Kelley 801-538-7975

Title I, Part B, 3

Even Start

  Sharon Lay 801-538-7599

Title I, Part C

Migrant Education

  Max Lang 801-538-7725

Title I, Part D

Prevention and Intervention Programs for Children and Youth who are Neglected, Delinquent, or At-Risk

  Nadine Bunnell 801-538-7818

Title II A

Teacher Quality

  Sydnee Dickson 801-538-7739

Title II, Part D

Education Technology

  Rick Gaisford 801-538-7798

Title III, Part A

English Language Learners

  Brenda Burrell 801-538-7733

Title IV, Part A

Safe and Drug Free Schools

  Verne Larsen 801-538-7713

Title IV, Part B

21 st Century

  Nancy Shepherd 801-538-7825

Title V, Part A

Innovative Programs


Title VI

Rural/Low Income and REAP

  Randy Raphael 801 538-7802

Title VII

Indian Education

  Harold Foster 801-538-7838

Title X, Part C

Homeless Education

  Kreig Kelley 801-538-7975


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