Teacher of the Year 2014

2014 Teacher of the Year – Allison Riddle


Allison Riddle teaches 5th grade at Foxboro Elementary School in Davis School District. She has been in education for 25 years with four of those at Foxboro. Allison was inspired to be a teacher when she attended Bountiful High School by now Davis District Superintendent Bryan Bowles who was a teacher at the time. Allison says, “he instilled in me confidence and a real love for presenting to groups.” While still at Bountiful High, she met another favorite teacher, Kim Burningham, now a State Board Member, when she took his speech and debate class. She tells of how they encouraged her to investigate a career where she could help others with her talents in presentations, and that eventually guided her toward teaching. Allison says, “I love what I do each day! Watching my students progressing and sharing their successes and challenges with their parents is deeply rewarding.” In addition to teaching her 5th grade students, Allison is also a mentor to provisional teachers as well as a consultant for a small math company.

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North Salt Lake Educator to Receive National Recognition with the 2015 California Casualty Award for Teaching Excellence
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