Teacher of the Year 2013

2013 Teacher of the Year – Sara Hacken


Sara Hacken teaches US History and Language Arts at Lakeridge Jr. High in Alpine School District. She has been in education for 27 years and 14 of those at Lakeridge Jr. High. She has a belief that ALL children are entitled to an appropriate public education, including the right to a year’s academic growth in school. This applies not just to her children or students, but ALL children. She believes that learning should be interesting, active, and relevant. She structures each unit she writes so that at some point each student will be engaged where they have strengths. A parent who had five of her children in Mrs. Hacken’s class in a span of 13 years writes, “Mrs. Sara Hacken is the teacher our children will remember. She is the one we all talk about. My husband, also an educator, said recently that Mrs. Hacken understands that her role is so much more than merely disseminating information—it is treating students with respect; recognizing individual strengths and weaknesses; engaging her students in life; holding them to high standards of honesty, creativity, preparation, and loyalty; and love.”

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