Best Practices/Model Policies - Cash Receipts

USOE's Model Policy

Disclaimer: Please note that the USOE model policies and procedures are general guidelines. These model policies are suggested best practices, and LEAs are not required to use or adopt these specific policies. LEAs are encouraged to modify these policies and procedures to adapt to the current environment of each specific LEA. Not every LEA has the same personnel positions as listed in the model policies and procedures, please modify the positions to conform to your LEA’s circumstances and size.

USOE’s Model Cash Receipts Policy & Procedures (June 17, 2013)
USOE's Model Cash Receipts Policy & Procedures (August 12, 2013)

Specific LEA's Policies and Forms


Jordan School District's Accounting Manual

Provo City School District's Cash Receipts Policy

Spectrum Academy's Financial Policy

Wasatch School District's Accounting Procedures


Cash Count Sheet (Example 1)

Cash Count Sheet (Example 2)