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Test-Taker Resources - Frequently Asked Questions

Testing Eligibility

  1. Who is eligible to take the GED Tests in Utah?
  2. How do I register to take the GED Tests?

GED Tests Particulars

  1. How much does it cost to take the GED Tests?
  2. What subjects make up the GED Tests?
  3. How long are the GED Tests?
  4. What are the passing requirements?
  5. Are there testing accommodations for disabilities?
  6. Can the GED Tests be taken in Spanish?
  7. Can GED sub-tests be retaken?

Testing Center

  1. Where do you take the GED Tests?

Score Results and Credentials

  1. How many GED subtests must be taken to get a GED Utah Completion Diploma?
  2. How can I get a copy of my GED Scores, Certificate and Diploma?
  3. What kind of credit or diploma will I receive in Utah?
  4. Can additional score reports be obtained?
  5. Can GED Tests scores be used to enter the military?

GED Tests Preparation

  1. How can I prepare for the GED Tests?