We establish processes and systems which support Utah public school children and our stakeholders by applying best practices with constant attention to timeliness, completeness and accuracy.

We are leaders in providing support, direction, distribution and accountability of financial, construction, and pupil transportation resources for our constituencies.


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Statewide Quick Facts 2016-2017

  • Value of WPU: $3,184
  • Total Number of WPUs:  844,305
  • Total Expected Number of Students:  643,625
  • Basic Tax Rate: (Actual) 0.001675 to Generate $392,266,755
  • Voted/Board Local Levy Guarantee $38.54 per WPU per 0.0001 Tax Rate
  • Total Minimum School Program:  $3,844,895,400
  • Total Capital Outaly for District Facilities:  $33,249,700
  • Charter School In-Lieu of Local Tax Per Student:  $2,001.00
  • Number of School Districts:  41
  • Number of Charter Schools:  108