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Pre-Construction Checklist - updated

Active Construction and Project Closeout Checklist

School Construction Inspection Reporting Overview - School Districts

School Construction Inspection Reporting Overview - Charter Schools - 

International Building Code
Construction Exempt from Inspections and Exempt from Reporting to USOE

International Building Code 2012 Construction Requiring Inspections and Required to be Reported to USOE 

Construction Process

School Construction Process Flowchart - New

Approved Project Delivery Methods

School Facilities Construction

Preliminary Information on Proposed School Facility Construction

SP-4 -

SP-4a -
To be used only for existing projects in which facility spaces are not being changed, such as: parking lots, mechanical or electrical upgrades, roofing projects etc.).

SP-4r  -
To be used only for projects revised from original SP-4 submittal.

Right Sizing School Education Facilities (Final Plans Data on Proposed School Facilities Construction)

SP-5 - 
Elementary School

SP-5 - 
Junior High School

SP-5 - 
High School

SP-5 - 
Charter School

School Right-Sizing Educational Facilities Process

Miscellaneous building projects, please use the SP-5 form that most closely applies.

Active Construction and Project Closeout Reporting Forms

SP-8 -
Construction Inspection Summary Report

SP-9 - 
Final Inspection Certification

SP-10 - Template 
Certificate of Occupancy (a template which can be used by the individual authorized to issue the certificate).

SP-10 - Request for Certificate of Occupancy
Request form to obtain the Certificate of Occupancy from the State Superintendent of Public Education

SP-11 -
USOE School Building Certificate of Inspection Verification

Fire and Life Safety Plan Review Submittal Form

This form is to be submitted to the Utah State Fire Marshal's office along with construction documents, when requesting a plan review .  This is not the plan review document, required to be submitted as outlined in the Pre-Construction Checklist.

Charter School Board Building Officer

School District Building Official


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