Best Practices

The 2010 Legislature Session, SB 2 Minimum School Program and Public Education Budget Amendments enacted that “Legislature intends that the State Board of Education develop a plan to create a website where best practices and studies of school districts and charter schools may be posted for the purposes of facilitating and encouraging innovation, cost-savings, and productivity.” 

The following provides information to facility and facility safety related Best Practices: 

Emergency Preparedness Planning Guide for Utah Schools

Along with the emergency preparedness guidelines being mandated in Administrative Rule R277-400, it is considered a guideline for best practice, relative to K-12 public school safety and security.

School Construction Resource Manual
In addition to the resource manual being mandated in Utah State Code 53A-20 and Administrative Rule R277-471, it is considered best practice for construction and facility related safety for K-12 public school facilities in Utah.

The Building Safety and Security website provides additional links to information and examples considered best practice for school facilities.

If you have any questions about facility or safety best practice for K-12 public schools, feel free to contact Jenefer [dot] Youngfield [at] schools [dot] utah [dot] gov (Jenefer Youngfield).

Additional USOE department's best practice information can be found at the USOE Best Practice website.

The Best Practice Acceptable Use Policy outlines the guidelines for this.