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Report Due Dates

The Utah Code contains dates stating when certain functions of the property tax system must be completed. Some of these dates must be strictly adhered to, but others are suggested time frames.

Report Submission Tracking
Reports dates and status of financial reports, transportation reports, and pupil accounting reports submitted by School Districts and Charter Schools.

State of Utah Property Tax Calendar
Specifies key dates for the property tax cycle.

Due Dates by Department

Property Tax

Pupil Accounting

Due Dates by Month

July 7

Data Clearinghouse Final Update (Prior Year)

July 15

Annual Financial Report (AFR) (New Year Budget Submission)

Pupil Transportation

  • Bus Inventory Report (Current Year)
  • Annual Statistical Report Form C (Miles)
  • Annual Statistical Report Form D (Minutes)

Immunization Status Final Report (Prior Year)
Submitted to the Utah State Health Department

Year End Web Survey (Prior Year)
Submitted via the web to USBE Data and Statistics


  • Classified Personnel Report
  • Driver Education Student Data Report
  • Fee Waivers Report
  • Teacher Benefits Report

August 2

Compliance and Assurances Statement (Prior Year)

September 15

Agreed-Upon Procedures Adult Education
Submitted to USBE Adult Education Department 

Extended Year for Severely Disabled Report
Submitted to USBE Special Education Department

Student Membership Audit Report (Prior Year)

October 1

Annual Financial Report (AFR)

Annual Program Report (APR)

Seven business days after October 1 - UTREx - complete update required as of October 1 for current year

October 15

UTREx - revised update as of October 1 for current year, if significant errors are identified by the USBE or the LEA.

November 1

Fall Enrollment and Transfer Student Documentation Audit Report (Current Year)

Immunization Status Report (Current Year)
Submitted to Utah State Health Department

Pupil Transportation   

  • Statistics, Schedule A1completed and submitted each year. 
  • Routing Maps completed and submitted each year. 

Wage and Benefits Negotiations Report

November 15

CACTUS Update (Current Year)

Free and Reduced Price Lunch Enrollment Survey as of October 31 (Current Year)
Submitted to USBE Child Nutrition Program

November 30

Financial Audit Report

December 15

Data Clearinghouse File Update as of December 1 (Current Year)

Pupil Transportation Driver Information Form E

January 31

Impact Aid Application

February 28

RDA Representative List (Current Year)

April 2

Necessarily Existent Small Schools (three year review cycle)

June 29

CACTUS Data Finalized