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EHS is accredited by the Northwest Accreditation Commission .

Northwest Accreditation Commission

The Electronic High School delivers a full high school curriculum to Utah students.


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About EHS

The Electronic High School has been in operation since 1994 and provides a wide variety of courses to Utah students. Additional courses are added each year as interest and funding permit. The Electronic High School courses have been developed by master teachers and are correlated to Utah core standards and objectives. We anticipate you will experience the excitement and pride our faculty have in each of the internet-delivered courses offered through the Electronic High School.

We offer a flexible, open-entry / open-exit curriculum. With a few exceptions, students are able to work at their own pace until the class is completed. We expect students to complete each class within six months.(The one exception is Fitness for Life quarter classes which must be completed in 7 weeks.) Work closely with your teacher if you are approaching the six month time frame and have not completed the class.

Experience tells us that as a student, you will spend about 50 hours to complete a quarter credit, or about 200 hours for a full credit. The courses are rigorous and require dedication by our students; however, we work hard to ensure your success.

The Electronic High School is accredited by the Northwest Accreditation Commission. Students who complete courses from the Electronic High School have a course completion certificate mailed to their local school of residence with the grade and credit earned. The Electronic High School is able to grant diplomas to a restricted group of Utah students: those who are home-schooled exclusively, those who have dropped out of school and their class has graduated, and district referrals. Unfortunately we do not grant out-of-state students a diploma.

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Who CAn Take Classes ?

The Electronic High School sends credit certificates to:

  • Utah public or private schools (not including Residential Treatment Centers)
  • Utah home-school students

Student residency status, for purposes of Electronic High School participation and enrollment, shall be determined by one of the following:

  1. The student’s custodial parent or legal guardian must be a *resident of Utah, or
  2. The student must be in the custody or under the supervision of a (Utah) State agency. or
  3. The student must be married (as demonstrated by documentation upon request) or emancipated under Utah Code Section 78-3a-1001 through 1005.

The following DO NOT establish residency for public school purposes or for enrollment in the Utah Electronic High School:

  • Property owned in Utah
  • Property or a living space leased or rented in Utah unless parent/legal guardian can prove, to the satisfaction of EHS directors, that the property/living space is the legal guardian’s permanent and/or primary legal residence.
  • A power of attorney
  • Designations of “guardianship” from relatives or friends
  • Military participation or enrollment of parent/legal guardian UNLESS the parent/legal guardian has designated Utah (subject to documentation) as the primary legal residence.
  • Payment of Utah taxes for various purposes.

The Electronic High School no longer offers credit to non-Utah students or sends credit certificates to non-Utah addresses.

NOTE: Utah students who do not complete their EHS courses including their proctored final before they move out of Utah can contact The American Academy to review options for continuing coursework outside of Utah.

EHS offers a diploma to a limited number of students. Please see our Diploma section for more information.

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What does it cost?

Courses in the Utah Electronic High School are free to Utah students.

Some courses require a textbook or other course materials which a student must acquire. If any book or materials is required for a course, that information is clearly posted on the "Start Here" page for the class.

Be aware that some certified proctors do charge for their service when a student arranges for the final test for each class.

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Registration Requirements

Students who wish to enroll in the Electronic High School need to meet with their regular school counselor to make sure the courses they wish to take are acceptable for graduation and that the student is eligible to take EHS courses.

A student in EHS must have access to the World Wide Web and have familiarity with either Firefox, Netscape® or Microsoft® Internet Explorer.

A student must have an active e-mail account. A student must be motivated enough to work on his/her own with minimum supervision.

A student must remain a Utah resident while taking classes.

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How does a student enroll in an EHS class?

This process is being revised.

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How does a student submit work?

This process is being revised.

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Proctored final Tests

Each quarter class requires each student pass a proctored final test before credit is awarded.

  • After you have successfully completed the coursework for a quarter class , your EHS teacher will give you access to the proctored final exam..

    The Proctored Area has a list of EHS-certified proctors and you see those available in your area. NOTE: Some schools have certified proctors whose names are not on the list. ASK YOUR COUNSELOR if your school has an unlisted certified proctor.

    From the list, contact your preferred proctor to arrange the date and time for the test. It's best to contact the proctor in person to arrange a date and time.

    • If a proctor is not listed for your school, please contact a local Utah teacher or librarian and request they sign up to become an EHS proctor at
      (When the proctor has signed up, EHS will contact your suggested proctor and go through the process of certifying the proctor.)

    Let EHS know which proctor to send the test password to. Once you have arranged a date and time with the proctor you come back to proctored area web page and click Notify the proctor manager and give EHS your login information and then the proctor list comes up. 

    Click the radio button next to the proctor's name who has agreed to proctor your test and click the button at the bottom which says I've arranged to take the test with the proctor. This action generates an e-mail to the proctor with your test name and the password to unlock the test. 

    Keep in mind that EHS needs at least one day in advance to get the e-mail sent to a certified proctor and longer if the proctor has not yet been certified.

  • Taking the test : You arrive at the proctor location (a public school or library, or at a certified testing center) and present proof of your identity (a picture id, etc.)
  • You sit down at the proctor's computer and log-in to EHS and then click to go into the proctored area (listed in your My Courses section on the right side of your EHS Home Page).
  • Click the Proctored Finals area, scroll down to the bottom of the first page to find the final test.

Keep in mind EHS needs at least one day in advance to get the e-mail sent to a certified proctor and longer if the proctor has not yet been certified.

NOTE: Utah students who do not complete their EHS courses including their proctored final before they move out of Utah can contact The American Academy to review options for continuing coursework and completing their proctored test..

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NCAA Eligibility

Your school has a list of approved NCAA core classes. If your school approves your taking the course from EHS, NCAA will accept the class listed from us on your official school transcript.

You can look up your Utah's school's code at:

Utah cities A-M
Utah cities N-Z

You can look up the EHS courses approved at:

NCAA List of Approved EHS Courses (Our NCAA number is 851-024.)

Be sure to talk with your school counselor to make sure they approve your taking the course from us to go onto your transcript. NCAA will ask your school to send your official transcript and ask us to send our course completion certificate to assure we did grant the credit.

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Proctoring for EHS

At the end of each quarter class, students have one month to take and pass a proctored final test. Proctors are drawn from the Utah education community.

Proctors may NOT be any of the following:

  • Relative or friend of student
  • Employer of student
  • Personal tutor of student
  • Ecclesiastical leader
  • Athletic coach, assistant coach, athletic administrator, or athletic academic counselor
  • Someone with an invested interest in the student's eligibility to compete in extracurricular activities (i.e. sports, theater, choir, etc.)

Proctors MUST be one of the following:

  • School guidance counselor licensed by Utah
  • Full-time school teacher licensed by Utah
  • School principal or vice principal licensed by Utah
  • Librarian licensed by Utah
  • Local college testing center staff or administration

Sign up to proctor at:

Exams must be administered at a public school or educational facility – never at home. The testing site must have access to an Internet-connected computer at which an EHS student may take EHS exams.

The student must remain under the supervision of the proctor for the entire duration of the exam. If the student is uncomfortable with the proctoring situation (e.g. the setting is one-on-one with the proctor), a parent, friend, or chaperone may be present, along with the proctor, so long as the student does not interact with that person during the exam. Receiving assistance from any person during an exam is considered cheating and is grounds for receiving a failing grade for the course.

  • The student may not leave the room during the examination, except for an emergency.
  • The exam must not be duplicated in any way.
  • If for some reason the proctor is unable to proctor an exam after receiving the password, please call the EHS. Proctors never give the password to another person or the student.
  • If the student is suspected of cheating, call EHS as soon as possible. Proctors will receive more instructions for administering the exam when the exam password is e-mailed to the proctor.

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This page last updated August 5, 2010