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Students and Parents

Who is eligible? Public, Private and Home School students.

Students are eligible to earn high school credit through the Statewide Online Education Program if they are enrolled in a public school in Utah, or if they attend a private school or home school in Utah and have a custodial parent or guardian who is a resident of Utah. All necessary information is available on this website.

For the 2013-14 school year, students may enroll in up to 3.0 credits in online courses (except for early graduation - see below); upon request, the State Board of Education may allow the student to enroll in online courses for more than three online credits if the online courses better meet the academic goals of the student, and the student's enrollment request is not accepted by their district or charter school.

You will not normally be allowed to more credits in a school year than the number of credits you may earn by taking a full course load during the regular school day at your high school classroom, although your school district or charter school may allow you to do so. 

Where do I get information about the courses I can take through Statewide Online Education Program?

Click here for a list of providers, plus a course catalog for each of these.

How do I register?

Before choosing a course, please check the course lists at the provider websites linked to the "Provider List", above, to ensure that the Provider that you choose offers the course you are selecting.

Students are free to choose any available public education provider, and may do so by completing the Enrollment Request/Course Credit Acknowledgement (CCA) Form.

You may register at any time during the calendar year, but are encouraged to register during ordinary registration processes taking place each spring for the upcoming school year.  Enrollments are currently being accepted for the 2013-14 school year.

Course catalogs and other materials found on the Student and Parents webpage may help in making selections. Additional Information can be found in the "Annual Report on Providers," below:

2013-14 Report on Providers

2012-13 Report on Providers

2011-12 Report on Providers

You may (but are not required) to complete and print a Student and Parent Online Course Plan to prepare for your meeting with your school counselor or online provider. 

Once your enrollment is approved, an online course provider will contact you to begin your coursework.

What if I want to graduate early?

A student may earn more credits in a semester than the number of credits they would earn by taking a full course load during the regular school day in their high school, if they intend to complete high school graduation requirements and exit high school early in accordance with an approved education/occupation plan (SEOP).

Is the Electronic High School (EHS) still available?

Electronic High School (EHS) continues to offer open-entry/open-exit classes for Utah at no cost to Utah students or schools. 

How do I appeal if I am rejected?

Complete the Parent/Guardian Appeal of Course Credit Acknowledgement Rejection due to request of more than 4.0 online credits (53A-15-1204(3)) Form


Transcript Request Form, Statewide Online Education Program