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Online Provider LEAs

Course Credit Acknowledgement (CCA)

Enrolling Home and Private School Students

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How do I become a Provider in the Statewide Online Education Program?

Contact USOE.  Your school or program must be accredited for 9-12th grade education, must have a licensed administrator and assign teachers licensed in the state of Utah, and you must be:

  1. A charter school or district school created exclusively for the purpose of serving students online.
  2. An LEA program, approved by the LEA's governing board, that is created exclusively for the purpose of serving students online.
  3. A program of a public institution of higher education that offers secondary school level courses, and is created exclusively for the purpose of serving students online.

Process and Procedures

Provider LEA Website Listing Requirements

Release of Student Records

UTREx and the Online Student

Online Education CRT Administration

The entity that provides instruction for a CRT course is responsible for its CRT administration at the end of instruction.  The State's computer-based testing (CBT) system will be used for the administration of CRTs to students enrolled in an online education program.  CRTs may be administered during our six testing windows.  Each Statewide Online Education Program provider or LEA providing online CRT courses must determine a local testing window, according to the schedule below.  

SAGE Assessment Schedule 2015-2016

Online testing questions may be directed to julie[dot]quinn[at]schools[dot]utah[dot]gov(Julie Quinn).

Student Information Flier

Appeal of Credit Limitation

If a student has a specific, compelling need to exceed 5.0 online credits during the 2015-16 school year, the family must first file the course requests for the additional credit(s), using the application above. If these requests are not accepted by your school district or charter school and you wish to appeal this decision, email USOE SOEP Administrator cory[dot]kanth[at]schools[dot]utah[dot]gov(Cory Kanth), summarizing your situation, and we will determine what will work with yourself and your school district to determine a resolution.