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How do I receive a new school ID for an online school or online program?

  1. If you are founding an LEA program or a district school, approved by the LEA's governing  board and created exclusively for the purpose of serving students onlin, you will first need to receive a CACTUS school ID and number for new school or program.  To do so, LEAs must submit a New School or Program ID Request Form.  For more information and questions regarding the difference between an online school and an online program, contact aaron[dot]brough[at]schools[dot]utah[dot]gov(Aaron Brough), Educational Data Specialist, at (801) 538-7922.
  2. Once the Program has a CACTUS ID, you may submit a Provider Application, Statewide Online Education Program.

What is the difference between an online school and an online program?

Online School Criteria

  1. Online schools must adhere to the same procedures and processes as other public education accredited schools. Utah State Board of Education rules (R277-413) require schools that serve grades 9-12 to be accredited via the Northwest Accreditation Commission and comply with Utah State Board of Education standards. One accreditation indicator that is particularly important is that schools have the ability to grant high school diplomas.
  2. Online schools serve full-time students. Full-time students have greater than 160 days of membership at the school.
  3. Online schools receive Clearinghouse reports, accountability reports, graduation rates, etc.

Online Program Criteria

  1. Students in online programs will remain a member of a primary school for data purposes. For example, a student who is taking two credits of online courses at EHS and 4 credits of traditional courses at a high school will be attributed to the high school for accountability reports, graduation rates, or for any other reason that LEAs and USOE have to account that student.

Process and Procedures

Provider Instructions for Initiating a CCA

Provider LEA SOEP EPS Instructions

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Release of Student Records

UTREx and the Online Student

Online Education CRT Administration

The entity that provides instruction for a CRT course is responsible for its CRT administration at the end of instruction.  The State's computer-based testing (CBT) system will be used for the administration of CRTs to students enrolled in an online education program.  CRTs may be administered during our six testing windows.  Each Statewide Online Education Program provider or LEA providing online CRT courses must determine a local testing window, according to the 2011-2012 schedule below.  Note that no CRTs are administered during the middle of March or the beginning of July to facilitate data processing.

April 1, 2013 - June, 2014

May, 2013 - June, 2014

Online testing questions may be directed to julie[dot]quinn[at]schools[dot]utah[dot]gov(Julie Quinn).

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