Superintendent's Annual Report

2005-2006 Summary of Statistic and Financial Data

Data and Statistics


Utah State Level Fall Enrollment & Population 1976-2006 & Projected 2007-2016

Fall Enrollment by District and Year: Fall 1999 - Projected Fall 2007

Fall Enrollment Summary by Grade, October 1 2006

Fall Enrollment by Race/Ethnicity and Gender, October 1, 2006

Average Daily Membership (ADM) by District/Charter FY2006

Private School Fall Enrollment by County & District, October 2, 2006

Home Schooled Students by District, 2003-2006


Schools by Grade & Type, Fall 2006


Staffing Ratios, FY 2006

Licensed and Classified Personnel by Position, FY 2006

Educator Salary and Benefits, FY 2006

IOWA Tests

Iowa Test of Basic Skills, Fall 2005


Financial Statements

Total Revenues and Expenditures by Fund and Program, FY 2006

District Program Report, June 30 2006 Statewide

Revenue & Expenditure Analysis

District/Charter Revenue & Expenditures by Fund June 30, 2006

Total Revenue by Source and General Fund Revenue and Expenditures, FY 2006

Total Net Current Expenditures, FYs 2003-2006

Net Current Expenditures per Pupil in Fall Enrollment, FYs 2003-2006

Net Current Expenditures per Student in Fall Enrollment, FYs 2003-2006 (Charter Schools)

Total Current Expenditures, FYs 2002-2006

Assessed Valuation per Student in Fall Enrollment, FY 2006

Estimated Assessed Valuations and Final Approved District Tax Rates, FY 2005-06/Tax Year 2005

Indebtedness at End of FY 2005-06 (Tax Year 2005)

Financial Miscellaneous

WPU Value, FYs 1976-2006

Fee Waivers, FY 2006