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Accountability/School Performance

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Grading Schools Reports

Utah School Grade Summary (Updated October 4 2013)
Utah School Grades 2013 (Updated October 4, 2013)

 UCAS Reports

The Utah Comprehensive Accountability System (UCAS) is the state and federal accountability system for schools.

UCAS 2012 & 2013 Results (Updated October 4, 2013)

Assessment Director Accountability Training

UCAS School Data File 2012
UCAS Framework Guide

UCAS Information

ESEA Flexibility
Utah ESEA Flexibility FAQ
Utah Flexibility Summary
Utah Comprehensive Accountability System Summary (UCAS)

Title I Information

Priority, Focus and Reward Schools

AMO (Annual Measureable Objectives 2013-2017)

AMO Report

AMAO Reports

AMAO Reports 2012

AMAO Information

A Guide to AMAO Determinations 2011

AYP Historical Information

Utah ESEA Flexibility Request 2012
AYP Workbook 2011
AYP Determinations 2009
A Guide to AYP Determinations 2011
Appeal Process 2011
Accountability Information 2010-2011 (SY)
Accountability Information 2009-2010 (SY)
Accountability Information 2008-2009 (SY)
AYP Decision Tree
U-Pass School Reports