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Civil Rights Data Collection (CRDC)

Why should I be interested in the CRDC and what data is collected?

The CRDC is a mandatory data collection, authorized under the statutes and regulations implementing Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, and under the Department of Education Organization Act (20 U.S.C. 3413). 

The CRDC collects information about students in public schools, including enrollment, educational services and outcomes, disaggregated by race/ethnicity, sex, limited English proficiency and disability.

Who needs to submit data?

The CRDC includes all schools and districts in the nation. Every school district and all of the nation’s public schools are participating in the 2011-2012 CRDC. This includes all state-operated facilities for the deaf and blind, charter schools, and all educational programs at juvenile justice agencies.

How do they use this data?

The CRDC is a valuable source of information about access to educational opportunities in our Nation’s public schools that is used by the Department’s Office for Civil Rights (OCR) and other department offices, as well as policymakers, researchers and others in the education community.

When is the data due?

There will be four phases for the 2011-2012 CRDC:

  1. Login to the Advance website (AWS) to designate your agency’s principal point of contact (due by January 20, 2012).
  2. Updating the district profile update on the Advance website (due by March 15, 2012).
  3. Collection of 2011-2012 CRDC data by school districts.
  4. Submission of 2011-2012 CRDC data at the school- and district-level (August/September-December 2012). 

Where do I go to get more information?

2011-2012 CRDC Schedule

CRDC Frequently Asked Questions

Contact Information

Partner Support Center (PSC)
U.S. Department of Education
Phone: (855) 320-6459 | Fax: (888) 329-3336 | (888) FAX-EDEN | eden_crdc[at]ed[dot]gov(E-mail)

Who can I contact locally?

Aaron Brough
Utah State Office of Education (USOE)
Data Quality Manager
Phone: (801) 538-7922 | aaron[dot]brough[at]schools[dot]utah[dot]gov(E-mail)

How can I learn more about EDFacts and the Office for Civil Rights (OCR)?


Office for Civil Rights (OCR)

In addition, please feel free to e-mail the eden_crdc[at]ed[dot]gov(Partner Support Center) if you have any questions or ideas.