The Utah State Board of Education's (USBE) Data & Statistics website consists of a wide range of educational data, as well as USBE's Fingertip Facts and Superintendent's Annual Report publications.

Data Governance

USBE has developed a data governance structure based on proven data governance practices and educational data needs. The USBE data governance structure centers on the idea that data is the responsibility of all USBE sections and that data driven decision making is the goal of all data collection, storage, reporting and analysis. Data driven decision making guides what data is collected, reported and analyzed.

Data Governance and Management

State Longitudinal Data System

Utah’s Educational Data Gateway

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The Utah’s Educational Data Gateway or simply the Data Gateway is a resource provided by the USBE that allows the public and school personnel to access education-related data.

USBE uses data to analyze student performance and inform educational improvements at the policy, state board, and classroom level. The data made available to the public masks or hides data for groups with 10 or fewer students (N<10) to protect confidential information about individual students, as required by federal law.