Education Requirements

Middle School

Utah Board of Education Rule.

A. The Board shall establish a Core Curriculum for middle school education.

B. Students in grades 7-8 shall earn a minimum of 12 units of credit to be properly prepared for instruction in grades 9-12.

C. Local boards may require additional units of credit.

D. Grades 7-8 Core Curriculum Requirements and units of credit.

1. General Core (10.5 units of credit)

  • a. Language Arts (2.0 units of credit);
  • b. Mathematics (2.0 units of credit);
  • c. Science (1.5 units of credit);
  • d. Social Studies (1.5 units of credit);
  • e. The Arts (1.0 units of credit):
    • (i) Visual Arts;
    • (ii) Music;
    • (iii) Dance;
    • (iv) Theatre.
  • f. Physical Education (1.0 units of credit);
  • g. Health Education (0.5 units of credit);
  • h. Career and Technical Education, Life, and Careers (1.0 units of credit);
  • i. Educational Technology (credit optional);
  • j. Library Media (integrated into subject areas).

E. Board-approved CRT's shall be used to assess student mastery of the following:

  1. Reading;
  2. Language arts;
  3. Mathematics; and
  4. Science in grades 7 and 8.

F. Norm-referenced tests shall be given to all middle school students in grade 8.