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Demonstrated Competency - Competency Measures Project


The Competency Measures Project was created in response to Board Rule R277-705-3, which requires districts to have policies and procedures to award credit based upon demonstrated competency. Districts in collaboration with USOE curriculum section are currently developing competency measures to deploy in a consistent manner statewide to meet the credit awarding requirements of state law and Board rule.

Board Goal

Promote competency and the achievement of high learning standards for each child while partnering with families, educators, and communities in various ways.

Anticipated Results

The Curriculum and Instruction Committee will be provided with an update on the Competency Measures Project and the development of policies and procedures that are currently under way in connection with this project. Discussion will ensure related to the procedures to establish and implement a competency based assessment process for students to obtain high school credit.

Credit earned through Demonstrated Competency Assessments will be accepted by all public and charter schools as required by State Law but may not be accepted by some private schools. Students enrolled at private schools should speak with a school administrator before taking a Demonstrated Competency Assessment.

The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) does not recognize courses completed through credit-by-exam; Demonstrated Competency Assessments cannot be used to meet NCAA eligibility.

Students must receive letter grades in required courses in order to be eligible for Utah Regent Scholarships; credit earned through Demonstrated Competency may not be accepted by the Utah Board of Regents in consideration of these awards.