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Welcome to Campaign for the Campaign

It is extremely important to increase student awareness of the biggest “teachable moment” for civics in 2008, the November election. The purpose of civic and social studies education in schools is to help young people develop the ability to make informed and reasoned decisions for the public good as citizens of a culturally diverse, democratic society in an interdependent world. The local, state, and national campaigns of 2008 are fantastic opportunities for students to develop this ability.

Because this year promises to be an interesting and exciting one for political activity and civic involvement, the Utah Council for the Social Studies and the Utah State Office of Education have launched the Campaign for the Campaign. This page is designed to be a one-stop resource for teaching ideas and resources for k-12 teachers. We also invite students to study the information here and the associated links, and then become involved in the national Mock Election, which they may register for at the bottom of the page.

Please help us develop a web resource that will serve the needs of Utah teachers and students both in 2008 and beyond.

Notice: Efforts have been made to reference sites with reliable and accurate information that is suitable for the educational community. However, the Utah State Office of Education is not responsible for information displayed on these sites and the listing here should not be considered an endorsement.

Survey . As the 2008 election approaches, and the mock election on October 30 th, please help us provide appropriate and needed materials by clicking on this link and taking a ten question survey regarding the availability of information on the selected topics.

Political Party Platforms

The American Presidency Project - From University of California, Santa Barbara

Information and Resources


Guide to the 2008 Elections - USInfo.gov - U. S. State Deptarment
U.S. Election Campaign Information - Department of History, Tennessee Technological University
Rock the Vote - Incorporates the entertainment community and youth culture into its activities.
2008 Presidential Primary Voter's Guide - Descriptions of candidates from Washington Secretary of State
Select a Candidate - Align your views on the issues with a candidate
Boston.com This calendar lists the full schedule from Iowa through Election Day
Presidential Election 2008 - from ESRI, the GIS Education Community
C-Span - Issues, Debates, Electoral College, Finances, etc.

State and Local Resources

Utah State Legislature - Bill updates, rosters, district maps
Elections.utah.gov - polling places, registering, election dates, election forms
League of Women Voters - promoting informed and active participation in government

Instructional Guides

National Student/Parent Mock Election - National voter education program
Considerations for the Mock Election
Service Learning and Voting - Learn and Serve America


PBS Kids Democracy Project - Online activities and Lesson Plans for grades 3-6


Ben's Guide - The Election Process - For grades 9-12. Election of the president and vice-president: primary election
Rock the Web - Ask candidates about issues


PBS Teacherline Election Resources
Should I or Shoudn't I power point
Mock Election flyer
Mock Election reminder cards
Mock Election Service Learning Opportunities

Campaigning at School

First Amendment Schools - Student and Teacher free expression rights
Utah Code 20A-11-1203 - Public Funds and Electoral Matters


Comments? Questions? Ideas? What resources are you using?

Please send suggestions to alan.griffin@schools.utah.gov