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Work-Based Learning Program
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"There are a lot of ways people learn. You can learn in the classroom, but the best learning sometimes takes place actually on the job. First of all, it's a clearly applied skill. Second of all, it's a very specific skill and one that really matters. We're finding that many of our children learn better in an actual work setting, particularly when it is combined with an academic experience."
– Michael O. Leavitt, Former Governor of the State of Utah

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The Buck Institute for Education is a research and evaluation organization dedicated to improving schools by advancing knowledge about the practice of teaching and the process of learning. The Institute develops and pilots innovative educational practices and programs in collaboration with teachers and school administrators, applies these practices in classrooms, evaluates their effects and disseminates the results.

  • Buck Institute Employer Handbook - PDF
  • Buck Institute Student Handbook - PDF
  • Buck Institute Supervisor Handbook - PDF

Instruction for Employers
The U.S. Department of Labor and the Utah Wage and Hour Division are aware of and support the internship program.  The experiences students gain in the workplace cannot be achieved in any other way.  It is important that schools and employers work together to guarantee that proper guidelines are followed to avoid any violations of the law. 

  • Instruction for Employers - Word | PDF

Senate Bill 28
An act relating to education: providing for Work-Based Learning programs for interns through public and private schools and institutions of higher education, providing definitions; providing that worker’s compensation medical benefits shall be the exclusive remedy against an employer and school involved in the program for injuries or occupations diseases; providing for criminal background checks in specific situation; and providing for recognition of cooperating employers.

  • Senate Bill 28 - PDF

Teen Driving Limits
Federal legislation will affects the ability of 16-17 year-old youth to drive as part of their employment duties.

Teens in the Workforce
Today, more teenagers are working at more types of jobs, during more weeks of the year and for longer weekly hours than has ever been true in the past.

Working with Teenagers
The late teenager years are a time when young people begin to define more clearly a sense of self and test their ideas and interest in the context of the adult world.  For most it is a period of growing independence. 

Updated January 22, 2010  


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