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Career and Technical Education has over 60 career pathways within eight areas of study. Each pathway is structured so students can investigate a wide range of career choices. Pathways make it easier for students to understand the relevance of required courses and helps students choose elective courses more wisely.

CTE Pathways Pole Family & Consumer Sciences Pathways Technology & Engineering Pathways Agriculture Pathways Business Pathways Information Technology Pathways Marketing Pathways Skilled & Technical Sciences Pathways Health Science Pathways

CTE Pathways General Information - Download the latest information on Pathways in Utah.

  • Utah Pathways, Educator's Guide - PDF
  • Utah Pathways, Parent-Student Guide - PDF
  • Utah Pathways, Pathways List - PDF
  • Utah Pathways, Career Pathways Within Eight Areas of Study - PDF
    Due to significant changes to the Agricultural Education Pathways, the 2013-2014 and the 2014-2015 Pathway charts are listed below:
  • Utah Pathways, Pathway Changes for 2014-2015 - PDF
  • Utah Pathways, Agriculture 2013-14 - PDF (Revised Feb-13)
  • Utah Pathways, Agriculture 2014-15 - PDF (Revised Jan-14)
  • Utah Pathways, Business - PDF (Revised Jan-14)
  • Utah Pathways, Family & Consumer Sciences - PDF (Revised Jan-14)
  • Utah Pathways, Health Science - PDF (Revised Jan-14)
  • Utah Pathways, Information Technology - PDF (Revised Jan-14)
  • Utah Pathways, Marketing - PDF (Revised Jan-14)
  • Utah Pathways, Skilled & Technical Sciences - PDF (Revised Jan-14)
  • Utah Pathways, Technology & Engineering - PDF (Revised Jan-14)
  • CCR, 5-Star Occupations - PDF
  • CCR, Utah Occupations Notebook - Flipping Book
  • CCR, Utah Student Planning Guide Grades 7-8 - Flipping Book
  • CCR, Utah Student Planning Guide Grades 9-12 - Flipping Book

CTE Pathways Posters

  • CTE Pathways Poster 20"x28" - PDF | Illustrator (Print Ready)
  • CTE Areas of Study Pathways Posters 11"x17"
     -Agricultural Education Pathways Poster - PDF
     -Business Education Pathways Poster - PDF
     -Family & Consumer Sciences Education Pathways Poster - PDF
     -Health Science Education Pathways Poster - PDF
     -Information Technology Education Pathways Poster - PDF
     -Marketing Education Pathways Poster - PDF
     -Skilled & Technical Sciences Education Pathways Poster - PDF
     -Technology & Engineering Education Pathways Poster - PDF
  • CTE Pathways Student Highlight Posters
     -Information Technology Education: Elli Petersen and Rico Montoya - PDF (8.5"x11")
     -Skilled & Technical Sciences Education: Kaydee Walters - PDF (8.5"x11") | PDF (11"x17")

CTE Pathways Supporting Resources

  • Career Fields Brochure - PDF
  • Course Catalog Flyer - PDF, Color | PDF, Grayscale
  • Cool Destinations - PDF
  • Get Directions - PDF
  • 30-Second Commercial Spot - M4V | SWF | WMV
  • CTE Pathways Bookmark - PDF
  • CTE Pathways Brochure for Educators - PDF
  • CTE Pathways Student Guide – UtahFutures Edition (Activity Pages) - PDF
  • CTE Pathways Student Presentation
    -Welcome to Career Pathways - PowerPoint
    -Welcome to Career Pathways Notes Guide - PDF
  • CTE Placemat with CTE Contacts - PDF
    Print on  11x17 paper and trim 1.75 inches on the right-hand side.
  • CTE Placemat with Pathways 1 - PDF
    Print on  11x17 paper and trim 1.75 inches on the right-hand side.
  • CTE Placemat with Pathways 2 - PDF
    Print on  11x17 paper and trim 1.75 inches on the right-hand side.

CTE Pathways Brochure for Students, 2 Pages - Use student brochures to make specific Pathways information available for your schools.

  • Agricultural Education
    Due to significant changes to the Agricultural Education Pathways, the 2013-2014 and the 2014-2015 Pathway information is listed below:
    Agricultural Systems Technology - PDF
    Horticulture Science - PDF
    Natural Resource Science - PDF
    Production/Processing Animal Science - PDF
    Production/Processing Plant & Soil Science - PDF
    Production/Processing Science - PDF

    Agricultural Systems Technology - PDF
    Animal Systems - PDF
    Food Production and Processing Systems - PDF
    Natural Resource Systems - PDF
    Plant Systems - PDF
  • Business Education
    Accounting & Finance - PDF
    Business Administrative Support - PDF
    Business Entrepreneurship - PDF
    Business Management - PDF
    Business Technology Support - PDF
  • Family & Consumer Sciences Education
    Child Development - PDF
    Consumer Economics Services - PDF
    Family & Human Services - PDF
    Fashion Design, Manufacturing & Merchandising - PDF
    Food Science, Dietetics & Nutrition - PDF
    Food Service & Culinary Arts - PDF
    Hospitality Services - PDF
    Interior Design - PDF
  • Health Science Education

    Biotech Research & Development
    Biotechnology - PDF

    Clinical Laboratory and Medical Forensics - PDF

    Health Informatics
    Medical Office Administrative Assistant - PDF

    Therapeutic Services
    Dental - PDF
    Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) - PDF
    Medical Assistant - PDF
    Nursing - PDF
    Pharmacy - PDF
    Surgical Technician - PDF

    Therapeutic Rehabilitation/Exercise - PDF
  • Information Technology Education
    Information Support & Services

    Database Development & Administration - PDF
    Technical Support - PDF

    Interactive Media
    Digital Media (Multimedia) - PDF
    Web Development & Administration - PDF
    Network Systems - PDF
    Programming/Software Development - PDF
  • Marketing Education
    Marketing Entrepreneurship - PDF
    Marketing Management - PDF
    Sales & Service Marketing - PDF
    Travel & Tourism - PDF
  • Skilled & Technical Sciences Education
    Building Trades

    Carpentry - PDF
    Electrician - PDF
    HVAC - PDF
    Plumbing - PDF

    Radio Broadcasting Technician - PDF
    Television Broadcasting Technician - PDF

    Mechanics & Repairs
    Automotive Collision Repair - PDF
    Automotive Service Technician - PDF
    Electronics - PDF
    Heavy Duty Diesel - PDF

    Precision Production Trades
    Cabinetmaking/Millwork - PDF
    Design Technology (Formerly Drafting/CAD) - PDF
    Graphics/Printing - PDF
    Machine Tool - PDF
    Welding - PDF

    Personal Services
    Cosmetology/Barbering - PDF
    Esthetician/Nail Technician - PDF

    Protective Services
    Firefighting - PDF
    Law Enforcement - PDF

    Transportation & Material Moving
    Aviation Technology - PDF

    Visual Arts
    Commercial Art - PDF
    Commercial Photography - PDF

  • Technology & Engineering Education
    Pre-Engineering (Utah Pre-Engineering Program) - PDF
    Project Lead the Way (National Pre-Engineering Program) - PDF

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