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Family & Consumer Sciences Education

A Pathway is a method of searching for a career that fits a student's interests and lifestyle and then allows the student to build academic courses around it. The Pathway recommends individual high school courses – both academic and career-related – to concentrate on which are specifically geared toward the student's chosen career. All of this planning starts as early as middle/junior high school and continues as the student advances through high school.

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Family & Consumer Sciences Education – 8 Pathways

Consumer Economics Services - PDF
Early Childhood Education - PDF
Family & Human Services - PDF
Fashion Design, Manufacturing &
Merchandising - PDF
Food Science, Dietetics & Nutrition - PDF
Food Service & Culinary Arts - PDF
Hospitality Services - PDF
Interior Design - PDF

Our Mission:
Family and Consumer Sciences Education helps prepare students for family life, work life, and careers in family and consumer sciences by providing opportunities to develop the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and behaviors needed through character development, creative and critical thinking, interpersonal communication, practical knowledge, and vocational preparation.

General Tips:

  • The Utah Family and Consumer Sciences (FACS) Pathways are based on national skills standards and the national cluster pathways for Family and Consumer Sciences Education.
  • The availability of specific course offerings and related pathways vary by school. Many family and consumer science courses offer concurrent enrollment opportunities for students and may provide a seamless transition for students into college and university FACS programs.
  • By taking Family and Consumer Sciences courses, all students in each of the CTE career Pathways learn core knowledge and skills that prepare them for independent living and the workforce, which increases personal and community well-being.

Tips for Teachers and Counselors:

  • To complete a Pathway, students must complete the required courses listed, as well as enough credits in the elective courses to equal 3.00 credits total. Students seeking a career in Family and Consumer Sciences should develop high-level skills in math and science.
  • Family and Consumer Sciences courses provide foundation skills and the knowledge base to become a Family and Consumer Sciences teacher.
  • By taking culinary arts, food service and hospitality pathways, students may obtain the ProStart and ServSafe certification from the National Restaurant Association and be ready to work in culinary, food service and hospitality careers. Currently this is one of the fastest growing career fields internationally.
  • The Child Development Pathway provides the in-depth study of developmentally appropriate practices, brain research, curriculum development and professional employment skills that prepares students for work in early childhood education careers.
  • Required coursework in interior design, food science/ dietetics, family human services, fashion design/merchandising and consumer economics services provides students with important foundational knowledge and marketable skills for these Family and Consumer Sciences fields.
  • Courses in other clusters, such as Marketing Education and Skilled and Technical Sciences Education, are a part of the elective courses for the Family and Consumer Sciences Pathways to augment knowledge and skills in the field of study.
  • Teachers can provide Family and Consumer Sciences Pathways information to students, parents, and counselors so that students can maximize their educational opportunities in Family and Consumer Sciences fields.
  • Through the SEOP process, students may take advantage of courses in Family and Consumer Sciences that will count as science credit toward graduation.

Leadership Opportunities:
The Career and Technical Student Organization for these Pathways is FCCLA – Future Career and Community Leaders of America. FCCLA provides students with opportunities to develop leadership, communication skills, personal growth, and family and career success.

Transition to Post-Secondary and/or Career:
A variety of related Work-Based Learning (WBL) experiences are available in each Pathway. WBL experiences allow students to see, first hand, how classroom instruction connects to the world of work and future career opportunities.

Our vision is to empower students and families to manage the challenges of living and working in a diverse, global society. Our unique focus is on families, work, and their interrelationships.



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