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Economics & Entrepreneurship Education
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ECONOMICS (10-12) - 52.0611 or 08.0601
Standards and Objectives - PDF
This course focuses on the study of economic problems and the methods by which societies solve them. Characteristics of the market economy of the United States, its function in the world, and methods of applying economics to one’s life will be explored.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP (10-12) - 52.0621 or 08.0301
Standards and Objectives - PDF | Curriculum Resources
This course helps students gain an understanding of the business/marketing principles necessary to start and operate a business. Students will first learn basic economic principles related to business ownership. They will identify and assess common traits and skills found in entrepreneurs, explore business opportunities, and compare the risks and rewards of owning a business. The primary focus of the course is to help students understand the process of analyzing a business opportunity, determining feasibility of an idea utilizing research, developing a plan to organize and promote the business and its products/services, and finally, to understand the capital required, the return on investment desired, and the potential for profit. Entrepreneurship is designed for students enrolled in marketing, business, and upper-level courses who have an interest in developing the skills, attitudes, and knowledge necessary for successful entrepreneurs. The texts and performance objectives are designed to work in conjunction with DECA and FBLA, and students are encouraged to participate in these associations and their respective competitions.

FINANCIAL LITERACY (11-12) - 01-00-00-00-100
Standards and Objectives - PDF | Curriculum Resources
The General Financial Literacy Core is designed for junior and senior students and represents those standards of learning that are essential and necessary for all students. The implementation of the ideas, concepts, knowledge, and skills contained in the General Financial Literacy Core will enable students to implement those decision-making skills they must apply and use to become wise and knowledgeable consumers, savers, investors, users of credit, money managers, citizens, and members of a global workforce and society.

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