Our Mission

Economics Education aims to create, improve, and support K-12 economics education programs for Utah students by helping teachers learn economics and by providing methods and material for teaching it effectively.

Economics & Entrepreneurship Education Flyer

Careers in Economics and Entrepreneurship

Economics is an area that is becoming more attractive to private industry as companies try to design domestic and international marketing strategies. To do this, they need a good, solid understanding of how consumers and producers make decisions. Economists collect and analyze data. These men and women study the trends and statistics that affect the economy, thereby impacting the decisions of a company and the marketing direction it might take.

Careers in economics include, but are not limited to:

Economics: Economist, Government or City Planner, Researcher, Analyst
Small businesses create most of the nation’s net new jobs. There are nearly 28 million small businesses in the U.S., with women opening over 8.6 million. Being an entrepreneur doesn’t come without risk. Nationwide, ten percent of small businesses close each year and in 2012 approximately 436 businesses in Utah filed for bankruptcy. However, on average the number of businesses opening is higher than those businesses closing.

Careers in entrepreneurship include, but are not limited to:

Entrepreneur: Business Owner, Venture Capitalist, Inventor.

Our Goal

To teach Utah K-12 students to apply the “Economic Way of Thinking” to career, financial, societal, and personal decisions.

  • People choose.
  • People’s choices involve costs.
  • People’s choices have consequences that may be immediate or lie in the future.
  • People respond to incentives in predictable ways.
  • People create economic systems that influence individual choices and incentives.
  • People gain when they trade voluntarily.

Student Leadership Organizations

Economics/Entrepreneurship students who want to participate in a leadership organization choose between the following organization, depending on what is available at their school:

  • Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA)
  • An association of marketing student (DECA)

National Recognition

Six Utah schools received national "Blue Star" recognition for exceptional assessment performance on financial literacy tests administered by the Working in Support of Education (W!SE) non-profit organization.


Finance in the Classroom
Finance in the Classroom is a program designed to support financial/economic education for Utah K-12 teachers, parents, and students.

National Entrepreneurship WeekUSA!
A week newly designated by Congress as an annual window for highlighting entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship programs and education across America.

Stock Market Game™
Online, real-market student learning simulation supported by curriculum and teacher training.

Utah Jump$tart Coalition for Personal Financial Literacy
Financial Smarts for Students
The Utah Jump$tart program seeks to educate Utah K-12 students, thereby helping them to successfully navigate the myriad of choices in today's financial markets.

Career Preparation/Economic Development

A better understanding of personal finance will help students move into adulthood making more informed monetary decisions, realizing a greater potential for personal wealth, and fostering a stronger state and national economy. Economic education provides essential background and preparation for professional careers.

In 2014, 672 students were awarded a CTE Skill Certificate in Economics and Entrepreneurship, indicating a high level of performance.

State and Local Partnerships

  • Utah Bankers Association
  • Utah Council on Economic Education
  • Utah Council on Financial and Economic Education
  • Utah Division of Securities
  • Utah Jump$tart Coalition for Personal Financial Literacy
  • Utah Saves

Our vision is an educational environment in Utah where students’ K-12 learning experience will provide an understanding of economics sufficient to make informed choices as consumers, producers, and citizens.