CTE Directors Meeting
Utah Valley Convention Center - Provo, UT
Friday, January 31, 2014


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Postsecondary Meetings
10:15 a.m.

  1. USHE Meeting - Cascade A
    10:15 a.m.
    1. Welcome and Introductions
    2. What's Happening at the Institutions
    3. New Certificates - PDF
      See Handout on Newly Approved CTE Certificates
    4. State Data Quality Meeting
    5. Still need pathway map submissions for the certificate initiative from several regions
      Submissions Include Southeast, Uintah Basin, Central, WFN
    6. Degree Maps as per July 2013 Direction from the Board of Regents - PDF
    7. CTE Scholarship Banquet on April 29th
    8. Final Preparations for CTE Majors Meetings
    9. Other
  1. UCAT Meeting - Cascade B
    10:15 a.m.
    Agenda Provided by Jared Haines


Updated January 30, 2014