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Educator Licensing - CTE APP Licensure

Business Education
CTE-APP License Application - PDF

Note: Please complete interactive PDF form electronically.  Once completed, print and send in form as outlined in application instructions.

I. Career and Technical Education - Alternative Preparation Program (CTE - APP) Business Education LogoLicense
A Career and Technical Education - Alternative Preparation Program (CTE - APP) License may be issued to individuals who DO NOT have a Secondary Education License but qualify through a combination of post-secondary courses/degrees and/or work experience related to business.

Individuals may qualify for a CTE - APP Level 1 License by meeting one of the following criteria:

1) Documented evidence of a related bachelor's degree and two years of related work experience.
2) The combination of post-secondary education and related work experience, which total six years.
3) Documented evidence of six years of full-time related work experience.

II. CTE License Limitations
CTE Licenses are limited to teaching the course(s) / programs(s) that align with the endorsement(s) granted. Only Career and Technical Education endorsements can be attached to CTE Licenses. All other endorsements require a Secondary Education License (e.g., health education, mathematics, science). Teaching assignment(s) must match endorsement(s).

III. License Levels
There are three distinguishing levels for educator licenses. The characteristics and advancement requirements for each level are listed below:

Level 1 Licenses are entry-level licenses that are issued for three years only. Level 1 Licenses may be extended, only if progresses toward the requirements have been made and additional time is needed.

To advance from a CTE - APP Level 1 License to a CTE Level 2 License, all teachers with CTE - APP Level 1 Licenses must:

1) Complete the New Teacher Academy - 2 USOE Inservice Credits
a. August Professional Development Seminar - 1.0 credit
b. October Professional Development Seminar - .5 credit
c. Mid-Winter Professional Development Seminar - .5 credit

2) Complete the Licensure Course Requirements – 15 College Credits
a. Instruction, Technology, Assessment & Planning - 3.0 credits
b. Creating a Learning Environment - 3.0 credits
c. Literacy Strategies - 3.0 credits
d. Introduction to Special Education - 3.0 credits
e. Survey of Learning and Teaching Diverse Populations - 3.0 credits

3) Complete Other Business Education Endorsement Requirements

4) Complete the Entry Years Enhancements (EYE) for Quality Teaching Program
a. Work with an Assigned Mentor
b. Score at Least 160 on the Praxis II Exam
c. Completion of Three (3) Years of Successful Teaching Experience (Minimum of Half Time) with
    Evaluations Twice a Year
d. Compile a Working Portfolio as Defined by EYE
e. Obtain a Favorable Recommendation from the Employing School District

-Level 1 to Level 2 Advancement Form - PDF
-Transition to Teaching: SLCC Course Offerings - Link

-New Teacher Academy Workshops - PDF

Updated June 17, 2013

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