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Educator Resources

Utah has Core Standards for all the academic areas taught in our K-12 public schools. These Standards establish a framework for high quality instruction. They help Utah teachers ensure academic achievement for Utah students by defining the essential knowledge, concepts, and skills to be mastered at each grade level or within critical content areas. They are like a set of building codes. They define what students should know and do to be ready for post high school jobs and schooling.

The core standards do not dictate the curriculum or delivery of content. Utah’s Core Standards and the curricula are not the same. Your curriculum includes content, instructional elements, methods, pedagogy, materials and resources that are used to teach the high standards Utah has adopted. The standards help teachers organize and prepare for. The curricula used to implement the Core Standards will vary according to district or charter needs.

Locally selected textbooks are used as tools in implementing the core. At a state level, research-based strategies and materials are recommended, not mandated, leaving the final instructional decisions to district, charter and classroom teachers. Local stakeholders will continue to innovate and make improvements to their curriculum over time.

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