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Training - Planning Year Trainings

October 20, 2011

When possible, we attempt to link materials to the originating source. If a link is not provided to the original form, law, or rule consider this an unofficial copy provided for your convenience. Documents and information within presentations are only considered up to date as of the day of the meeting. Consult the presenter as to any updates to these materials. E-mail addresses for each presenter are located within the agenda.


Charter Support Organizations: Utah Association of Public Charter Schools and Utah Charter Network

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Governing Board Online Training (GBOT) requirements

Letting go - Trudy Sorenson, North Star Academy

Governance - Keith Facer, Oquirrh Mountain Charter School

School vision - Susie Ashliman, Thomas Edison Charter School

Fidelity to your charter - Tina Smith, Lakeview Academy

Board financial oversight - Robb Enger, Providence Hall

ChartRIGHT (a dissemination grant project of Lincoln Academy)