Planning Year Trainings

The State Charter School Board provides a training opportunity to schools during its planning year. This training is a great opportunity to learn more about the requirements of being a charter school, meet USOE staff you will work with regularly, and interact with other charter school leaders. We also invite anyone from existing charter schools to attend these trainings as well.

2011-2012 Planning Year Training Schedule


September 2011 - GBOT Module 1: Utah's Open & Public Meetings Act

October 20, 2011 - Networking; Board structure and responsibilities; Important dates and reports

November 2011 - GBOT Module 2: Board Financial Oversight

January 2011 - GBOT Module 3: School Accountability & Program Assessment

February 10, 2012 - Selecting, evaluating, and supporting the administrator; Facilities; School and student records

March 2011 - GBOT Module 4: Legal & Policy Issues

May 2011 - GBOT Module 5: Board Member Conduct

July 2011 - GBOT Module 6: Promoting the School's Vision & Mission