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Finance Training

The State Charter School Board and USOE offers semi-annual finance training and regular technical assistance to all charter schools, especially tailored for charter school business managers.

Best practice advises that a charter school business manager, among other things:

  • attend all meetings of the governing board;
  • be custodian of all school funds, be responsible and accountable for all money received and disbursed, and keep accurate records of all revenues received and their sources;
  • prepare and submit to the governing board each month a written report of the schools receipts and expenditures;
  • use uniform budgeting, accounting, and auditing procedures and forms approved by the State Board of Education, which shall be in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles or auditing standards and Title 63J, Chapter 1, Utah Budgetary Procedures Act;
  • prepare and submit to the board a detailed annual statement for the period ending June 30, of the revenue and expenditures, including beginning and ending fund balances;
  • assist the principal in the preparation and submission of budget documents and statistical and fiscal reports required by law or the State Board of Education; and
  • insure that adequate internal controls are in place to safeguard the school's funds. 


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