Directors Meeting Materials

August 13, 2012

When possible, we attempt to link materials to the originating source. If a link is not provided to the original form, law, or rule consider this an unofficial copy provided for your convenience. Documents and information within presentations are only considered up to date as of the day of the meeting. Consult the presenter as to any updates to these materials.



Assessment - Professional learning activities

Special Education - Professional learning activities

Law & Policy - Ethics in extracurricular activities (handout)

Law & Policy - Ethics in extracurricular activities (presentation)

Teaching & Learning - Utah core standards and Teaching & Learning standards

SCSB Mentoring Program - Mentor application

SCSB Mentoring Program - School application

SCSB Administrative Activities - Charter school visits

SCSB Administrative Activities - Charter Action Research Team

SCSB Administrative Activities - Model charter school tool

SY 2012-2013 Reporting calendar

SY 2013-2014 Projected enrollment - Find your school, provide projected enrollment by grade, save as, and email it to me no later than September 15, 2012.