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State Charter School Board Mentoring Program


The purposes of the State Charter School Board (SCSB) mentoring program are to offer charter school governing boards (1) the opportunity to enhance its existing professional development program based on individual school needs and (2) provide technical assistance to governing boards not meeting the goals found in its Charter Agreement. It should supplement the governing board’s budgeted funds for board, administrative, and staff professional learning activities and technical assistance. 

Schools can apply for up to $5,000 in FY14 by completing the School Application. Following the mentoring process, schools can submit for SCSB reimbursement for approved expenses by completing the Mentor Program Reimbursement Form.

The mentoring program is not meant to replace the training, professional development, or obligation the USOE has to support all public schools. Nor is it meant to act as professional advice. Instead, it is charter schools and charter school supporters sharing what they have learned about a specific topic with others.