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Suicide Prevention Training

Fingerprint Policy Change 

Licensing Fees

Updated Highly-Qualified Explanations for Teachers

Instructions for Fingerprints/Renewals/Upgrades

Educator Fingerprinting/Background Check Frequently Asked Questions

Praxis Test Chart (Fall 2013)


Special Education

NESS Utah HQ Framework

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Recent Changes to CACTUS

Course Descriptions
USOE is currently adding assignment descriptions to the courses making it easier to distinguish between courses. Currently there are descriptions for Foreign Language, Heath Movement and Fitness, Language Arts, Mathematics, and most of the CTE courses.

Assignment Window
The assignment descriptions are displayed in the text box on the upper right hand side of the window.

Educator Screen
When adding an assignment you can now hold your mouse over the assignment for about a second and it will display the assignment code used in CACTUS and the course description. (If it has been posted). This also works for current assignments.


Educators by Selected Assignment


Policy Updates

EYE Policy Change
Holders of all Level 1 Utah Educator Licenses issued after June 30, 2009 will be required to complete all requirements of the Early Years Enhancement (EYE) program prior to upgrade to Level 2.

Utah PRAXIS Test Adoption Procedures and Timeline

CACTUS – FTE Calculation Guidance