Professional Development

Professional Development Opportunities


Annenberg/CPB - Free Professional Development for K-12 Educators
Free Professional Development for K-12 Educators on the Annenberg Channel.

Partner Agencies

Earthquake Education Services
EES offers teacher professional development courses on Elementary Earth Science Core Curriculum for 3rd and 5th grade teachers and on Secondary Earth Science Core Curriculum for 7th, 8th, and 9th grade teachers.

Genetic Science Learning Center
Resources and a schedule for Genetic Science Learning Center teacher professional development programs.

Project WILD
Project WILD is an interdisciplinary conservation education program emphasizing wildlife. The program is designed for pre-K through 12th grade educators and other youth group leaders. Project WILD capitalizes on the natural interest that children have in wildlife by providing, hands-on activities that enhance student learning in all subject and skill areas. Project WILD educational materials are provided to educators through practical, interactive workshops.

Red Butte Garden
Educator workshop scheduled at Red Butte Garden.

Springville Museum of Art
A schedule of events and workshops scheduled at the Springville Museum of Art.

Utah Agriculture in the Classroom
This teacher and kid friendly web site provides educators and students with information, agricultural activities, teacher resources, and virtual teacher workshops to increase agricultural literacy.

Utah Museum of Fine Arts
Educator resouces and workshops.

Utah Museum of Natural History
Educator workshop scheduled at the Utah Museum of Natural History.

Professional Development Programs

Academics in Action - Service-Learning as 21st Century Curriculum This one-day workshop will focus on how to design and implement powerful units of curriculum based on meaningful service-learning projects. This workshop will explore the concept of Service-Learning and examine actual examples of real projects done by students. These are regional workshops, but they can also bring them locally.

Designing the 21st Century Classroom
Education in the new millennium offers many challenges as well as possibilities. Issues such as student motivation, multiple literacies, media literacies, standardized testing mania, and the use of technologies and multimedia, as vehicles for implementation of the curriculum will be addressed. These are regional workshops, but they can also bring them locally. This workshop is appropriate for all K-12 teachers, principals, curriculum directors and staff development specialists. It is also appropriate for university professors of education.

Integrating Technology and Curriculum (ITC)
The Integrating Technology & Curriculum workshop is a two-day, hands-on workshop designed to help classroom teachers understand how to effectively integrate technology into their curriculum and classroom. The workshop focuses on the hows and why's of incorporating instructional television/video and related accessories, the Internet, and multimedia tools into lesson plans and classroom environments.

Intel® Teach to The Future
Intel® Teach to the Future is a worldwide professional development program designed to improve student learning through the effective integration of technology into the curriculum. Program offerings are available to K-12 teachers and schools leaders nationwide and include:

  • Intel® Teach to the Future Essentials Course for K-12 Teachers
  • Intel® Teach to the Future Workshop on Teaching Thinking with Technology for K-12 Teachers
  • Intel® Teach to the Future Leadership Forum

Education Technology Endorsement Program (ETEP)
The Education Technology Endorsement Program consists of a series of modules, 18 credits, ranging from technology leadership to a technology integration course. Program participants will build on and sustain technology and curriculum skills. A primary goal of the academy is to help teachers enhance the educational experience of Utah students by increasing higher-level thinking, communication, and collaboration skills using inquiry-based learning.

U.S. Department of Education, Teacher-to-Teacher Initiatives
Utah educators with approval from their school principal may complete eLearning modules or other U.S. Department of Education, Teacher-to-Teacher Initiative activities for relicensure points. Educators should contact the school principal to make sure the proposed activity meets the professional growth plan of the teacher and the goals of the school/district professional development plan. An inactive educator, may complete an activity for relicensure points if the activity is aligned with educator’s area of licensure/content subject area. If the professional activity is acceptable, the educator may then submit the eLearning Certificate of Completion form for each session completed to the principal or USOE Licensure Department for verification of re-licensure points on the Verification For Level 1/2/3 License Renewal Form. The Certificate of Completion must include date(s) and contact hours spent in the professional activity. One contact hour equals one relicensure point.


Agriculture in the Classroom: Food Land and People
The Food, Land & People (FLP, ASTE-6400) course has been developed for the K-6 educator to increase knowledge about agricultural/environmental literacy while meeting statewide mandatory curriculum standards in science, social studies and healthy lifestyles. The course content provides teachers with research based strategies to implement in their classrooms and is complete with integration strategies for teaching reading, mathematics, and writing. Teachers may earn 1-3 Continuing Education graduate credit(s) that can be completed throughout the school year.

UEN-TV Workshops
These courses are designed for educators who want to participate in a professional development workshop, but don't have the flexibility to attend a regularly scheduled class. These workshops help participants develop useful skills in a particular content area and incorporate them into lessons based on sound pedagogical principles. Included in the eight week courses is an online reflective component that allows participants the opportunity to engage in a critical analysis of their teaching practices with their peers.

PBS Teacherline®
UEN - KUED are pleased to offer TeacherLine through a grant from PBS. Funded by the U.S. Department of Education, TeacherLine is pioneering a new and innovative model for on-demand, high quality, and standards-based teacher professional development. The online courses in the areas of mathematics, language arts/reading, instructional strategies, and technology integration are facilitated by trained educators.