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Entry Years Enhancement (EYE)

Utah’s Support and Enhancement Program for Level 1 Teachers

The Entry Years Enhancement (EYE) is a structured support program for Level 1 educators as they fulfill the requirements for a Level 2 professional license. EYE provides level 1 educators with school, district, and state support for a three-year period. All educators are required to participate and all requirements must be completed within the first three years of service. The goal of the EYE program is to encourage Level 1 educators to develop successful teaching skills and strategies as described in the Utah Effective Teaching Standards with assistance from experienced colleagues.

All educators who are upgrading their Level 1 license must have a cleared background/fingerprint check and a completed Ethics Review within one calendar year of the date of upgrading their license.

Entry Years Enhancement (EYE) Brochure

District/Charter EYE Coordinators

Verification of Entry Years Enhancement (EYE) Individual
Upgrade from Level 1 Educator License to a Level 2 Educator License. This form is for an LEA or accredited private school to recommend an individual educator if unusual circumstances prevent approval through the online system.

Level 1 Extension Form

EYE Policy

EYE Mentors

Utah Competencies of a Quality EYE Mentor

Archived Mentor Standards 2010