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License Requirements

Fingerprint and Background Check

Utah Law (53A-1a-512.5) requires that each applicant for a Utah Educator License must satisfactorily complete a background check. A background check clearance is also required within one year for applicants renewing or upgrading a Utah Educator License. To complete the background check, an applicant must submit fingerprints for review by the Utah Bureau of Criminal Investigation and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

The procedure for the required background check requires fingerprinting. The first step for your fingerprint background check is to go to the Educator Licensing Online website and select fingerprint background check, then follow the prompts, select "Live Scan" for those in Utah and Cards for those out of Utah, and then pay the fingerprinting fee with your credit card (if you do not have a credit card, we suggest you purchase a debit or credit card at a local store).

Instructions for Fingerprints/Renewals/Upgrades

Frequently Asked Questions

If you live in Utah, you will need to do a live fingerprint scan. Once you have the completed information requested on the website and paid the fee, you can take the form you receive and go to one of the LiveScan Locations.

For those living outside of Utah, select fingerprint cards rather than live scan, and they will be mailed out to you.